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I'm just another inhabitant of the earth, trying to muster up the courage to take up some space.
I do battle an ED.I like books. Music. The Arts.

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Basically? Welcome to my mind. Have fun. Be aware you'll find my struggles, my inspirations, the things that make me laugh, what I enjoy. Essentially this is me. Congratulations.

How to keep a relationship.


  • communicate: talk about things, the good and bad.
  • build trust.
  • be honest.
  • be faithful.
  • be there for one another.
  • make time for one another.
  • leave the past to the past, which include ex’s.
  • know that having arguments is normal.
  • know that you won’t always be happy.
  • don’t expect change.
  • appreciate the flaws.
  • appreciate each other.
  • become best friends.
  • lastly, love each other unconditionally.